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Response Ability Theatre makes socially conscious work to represent and support people whose lives have been derailed by trauma. Our shows reflect contemporary experience in poetic ways, and we offer workshops to survivors and care providers for improved communicative confidence and general wellbeing.

It can be pretty difficult for any of us to feel human these days. With our deep-rooted structures of 'civilisation' constantly pitting us against each other, very few of us escape being made to feel like vermin at some point in our lives. And few of us can say we haven't done the same to others.

We tell stories of systemic exclusion with vivid attention to the impact it has on the human psyche. We see indignity and cruelty alike as symptoms of systemic failures of which we are all victims. We invite our audiences to recognise themselves and each other in the stories we tell, with humility, empathy, humour, and enthusiasm for the change we all can enact through collective awareness, forgiveness and kindness.

We aim for our audiences and participants who meet us feeling like rats, to leave us feeling that bit more human.

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