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A co-production with the British Library, Centre 404 and Writerz n Scribez
November 2022-February 2023


Did you know that dinosaurs aren't really extinct?

They've just had their heads buried under beanbags for the last several millennia.


Also, an extinct volcano doesn’t just stand there…

... it erupts with RIBENA!


Finally, there wasn’t a Great Fire of London…

… there was a Great Icing of London!

(Which means that everybody froze - not that everybody got covered in cake.)

These discoveries and many more were made by families who worked with us via Writerz n Scribez at Centre 404 and the British Library. Centre 404 offers person centred support to people with
learning disabilities: the kids in our group families were 5-11 year old prodigies, and a mix of autistic and neurotypical siblings. We worked not just with the kids, but their grown-ups too - because we
couldn't keep all our new findings to ourselves, could we?


Taking inspiration from works of nonsense preserved in the British Library by John Taylor, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and more, we created our very own nonsense world through drama, writing,
music, drawing, sculpting and play. Finally, a place where nothing makes sense to anyone, and
confusion isn't a cause for concern, but an opportunity for fun and creativity.


Who knows: maybe our masterpieces will be preserved with the same love as those from hundreds
of years ago…

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