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I, Lord

Written by Nell Hardy
Directed by Nell Bailey
Further cast and creative team TBC

Supported by Arts Council England, Old Diorama Arts Centre and Theatre Deli

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"Atheists like you are everything that’s wrong with religion."

Evie can’t pray.
Ayeza can’t stop praying.
Priya doesn’t want to pray - or at least, that’s what she tells everyone.
Will you take this time to pray, or will you let your mind wander?

Response Ability Theatre brings its uncompromisingly compassionate lyricism into I, Lord, inviting you to attend mass through the mind of a survivor of spiritual abuse.

Inspired by writer Nell Hardy’s experiences within the Church of England and informed by survivors from other and no faiths, we explore what makes us put up with mistreatment in faith settings, interrogate the enabling role of anti-religious stigma in seemingly secular cultures, and ask where any of us can find enough peace to hear the voice of our own spirituality.

We loved chatting with Rosie Dawson for the Shiloh Podcast about how we have worked with other survivors of spiritual and/or faith-based abuse to develop the trauma-informed design of the show - have a listen to the mini audio documentary.

For the very first time, RAT will be offering a parallel children's show for 5-11 year olds at the same time as selected performances of I, Lord!

This is to allow parents of young children to access theatre without worrying about childcare; engage children in complex topics in age-appropriate ways; and have intergenerational family members challenged equally by a topic, and able to discuss it together afterwards.

Topics explored will include:

-the role of a spiritual teacher or leader: what kind of person takes these roles typically, what kind of people can take them, what kind of people should take them.

-believing without seeing: an empowering expression of faith, or an opportunity to exploit people?

-comparing the qualities that faith brings to the lives of the children who practice faith, with the sources of these qualities in the lives of the children who do not, to find common ground in our spiritual needs.

-celebrating the variety of understandings or impressions we have of God - overcoming the idea that any of them is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

The premiere of I, Lord will take place at:
4:30pm on Monday 30th October
Bloomsbury Theatre

5-11 year old children of audience members can attend the children's performance in another part of the same building (exact room TBC) for free - please e-mail in advance to sign your child or children up as spaces are limited.

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