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We make sure that people whose lives have been directly impacted by the themes of our shows, and people employed by their support services, get the opportunity to see those shows. We have designed two workshop styles, in consultation with experts in social and mental health care, for these distinct groups. 

Where possible, we also offer these to members of the public, as we understand that social trauma is a weight on all our shoulders and we think everyone who wants to explore their role in societal and psychological healing, should have that opportunity.

Our job is not finished when the show is over. Our audiences leave wanting to change their lives and the lives of those around them, and we want to help them find ways to do that.

The workshops will be tailored somewhat to each show, but fall broadly into these categories:

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for trauma survivors

Most of us, especially those of us who have survived particular trauma, have thoughts, feelings, monsters inside us that frighten us. But the longer we ignore them, the more they damage us. And when we can't give them expression, we can't make clear our needs to those who can help us.

This workshop helps participants find safe, enjoyable ways to explore these places in supportive company, and start creating and sharing something beautiful and hopeful out of the sides of themselves that too often hold shame and despair.


for service providers

A great many of us will find ourselves trying to support people in despair at some point, not least of all those who work in social and mental health services. It can feel thankless, exhausting, frustrating, and devastating if we don't get the results we want.

This workshop introduces participants to techniques performers use to connect genuinely to empathetic emotion without damaging themselves in the process, so they can go on to be present with the suffering of those they support, but also empower them with belief in a brighter future. By helping the downtrodden feel human in this way, we redefine a 'duty of care' as a 'duty of hope'.

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"Really felt good about myself. Felt like being a part of a family, sharing our past with each other in a positive way."

"gave me moments of joy which I will remember for a long time"

"created an incredibly open space, felt very comfortable to share."

"Very fun as well as useful, which is important in a job that’s often very stressful."

"I could really see the power of performance to explore feelings, questions, challenges, future etc."

"a psychologically-unlocking experience ... you help others grow"

"It was great to work in an embodied way which helped release tension physically."

"Great to really think about breath and emotions and my own body language and how to use these in my work."

These workshops can be booked for your group or organisation in combination with or independently of our shows.

Please contact us at for more information, or check our News section for details of where and when we have workshops coming up.

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