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Meet Our Trustees!

It's been just over two months since our registration as a charity came through and we've been having a grand old administrative time figuring out exactly what that means for us!

We believe it will allow us to do more for people experiencing or at risk of experiencing trauma and trauma-related conditions, more regularly, more independently and more robustly. We look forward to bringing together survivors we have met through our various workstreams, in creative activities and empowered discussion and action, to discover what the broad post-traumatic community wants, needs and strives for. We're excited to keep identifying the survivors and causes that can most benefit from creative modes of discovery, expression and communication, and collaborating with them and the teams that already work with them to reach our audiences with embodied, researched and survivor-led calls to action.

The intersectional nature of our work is vital to who we are, in terms of lived experiences and industries with which we collaborate to spread our impact as wide as we can. So we are hugely proud to introduce you to our board of trustees with representatives from the arts, social and healthcare sectors, academia, finance and lived experience of trauma.

They all want to say hello!

Chair: Katie Langford

Katie is a multifaceted artist and advocate for social change through the transformative power of the arts. She has worked and volunteered with organisations including Streetwise Opera, Clean Break Theatre, The Koestler Trust, The Southbank Centre, and Groundswell. 

In her role as People Director at Groundswell, she pioneered a holistic trauma-informed human resource strategy and has supported several organisations strategically through organisational change and growth, including the Museum of Homelessness, Arts & Homelessness International and Deptford Housing Co-operative.

She is also a core group member of the Museum of Homelessness and serves on the Board of Committee for Somebody's Daughter Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.

Treasurer: Julian Parmar

Julian is a managing director at a global investment firm.


He was formerly a trustee of Campus Children’s Holidays, a charity providing respite holidays for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


In his spare time he enjoys hiking and playing the piano (badly).

Miranda Keast

Miranda has worked in charities for 17 years in a wide range of operational and leadership roles.


As a freelance consultant and researcher, she spends her time learning, un-learning and re-learning as she continues to work with charities and organisations that seek to promote equality, centre care, and support people to live fulfilling lives in a compassionate society.


She is honoured to be a trustee for Response Ability Theatre and truly believes in its survivor-led work as a way to support healing and advance awareness and understanding of trauma.


She has a Masters in Public Administration and is currently working towards a doctorate in social policy, but she enjoys procrastinating by walking in the South Downs, reading poetry and cooking.

Judith Fagelson

Judith is currently a civil servant, and previously worked in NGO programme management, monitoring, evaluation and research.


She loves finding ways to help organisations better assess and demonstrate the impact of their work. She is also passionate about access and inclusion in the arts.


Aside from that, she is a keen swing dancer and also likes to tinker with bikes.

Hallie Banish

Hallie is a dedicated change maker and disability activist, specialising in strategic communication, campaigning and public policy. She has worked at Ruils Independent Living - a Deaf and Disabled People's Organisation - for 6 years, first as a project manager and now as the Campaigns and Communications Manager.


She has previous experience as a fundraiser and project manager for several charities both in London and the United States, where she is originally from.


As someone with lived experience, she is passionate about eliminating the stigma surrounding disability and trauma and looks forward to working alongside Nell and the RAT Trustees to challenge stereotypes and embedded barriers in our society.


In her spare time she enjoys water colouring, travelling and going to the theatre.

Kim Marsh

Kim (KT) Marsh is a poet, performer and psychologist. She has been working with marginalised groups in theatre settings since 2013 through companies such as Clean Break and Cardboard Citizens, sometimes in an artistic role and sometimes in a therapeutic one.


Before that she had over twenty years' administrative experience in a law firm.


If this all sounds very serious, don't be fooled: she's a huge comedy fan and loves taking the mickey.

We can't believe our luck that all these wonderful people feel as excited about our cause as we do and are feeling positively tingly at the thought of what we can achieve with their support.

Make sure to sign up to our mailing list if you haven't already, to stay in the know about what's coming up!

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