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January-March: what we've been up to

It's been a busy start to the year for us. We started with NoMad at the Blue Elephant Theatre in January and the Union Chapel in February,

performing to full audiences of trauma survivors and social and mental health service providers at each.

It was so great to see so many people coming into theatre spaces who normally wouldn't engage. Thank you all for giving us a chance and sharing your experiences of the show with us!

Next, Nell got an absolute treat when she went on to facilitate a week of workshops with Cardboard Citizens' advanced members. What an open, talented, passionate and compassionate, generous bunch. You'll be seeing more from them in the future, for sure! Here she is, receiving a parting gift from them. (Is that - a bouquet of flowers? a bag of chips? You decide!)

We'd love to share some of the feedback participants gave us that week:

"It was a metaphysical, mystical, life-changing experience. It was a workshop and a half!"

"Watching Nell working is like watching a ballet, a balance of elements being so delicately moved around. It was an enormous privilege to be part of this process."

"Well that was fun!"

We've delivered a few more shorter workshops for services within the NHS and others such as Pause, Fulfilling Lives, the Margins Project, Relational Activism and Likewise, and we're bursting to do more! Do get in touch if you think our methodology with trauma survivors and the professionals who support them could do your organisation or group some good.

Meanwhile, we have more NoMad dates to announce coming up later in the year, and we're also starting work on our second production... Stay tuned to find out more!

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